Our Approach

Roadmap Development

Marketing automation is designed to simplify execution and provide metrics to prove marketing’s worth. We know it’s not always that easy. With over 50,000 hours of Marketo operations under our belts, our 40+ Marketo & Salesforce certified consultants are ready to roll up their sleeves and take your marketing technology from concept to proven results.

Through the process, we’ll take a comprehensive look at your existing Marketo & Salesforce.com deployment, document over 150 touch points and provide detailed directives to achieve the results you know are possible but can’t seem to make happen.


Not only do we have a growing list of happy clients with successful implementations, we have an even longer list of happy clients who turned to us after implementing elsewhere because they didn’t get everything they needed the first time. Part of what makes Elixiter different is that our work has the long-game in mind. We are into long-term relationships and know that our implementations must be successful, complete and produce the desired results.

Working with your marketing and sales teams, we’ll align goals & business processes, apply them to your marketing technology, and maximize results. We like to make you look good too.

And every implementation is different for us. We match our services to your needs and business. We’re flexible and scalable so if you want to lay down the rails, we’ll ride them.


Success with your integrated Marketo & Salesforce.com solution requires hard work and skill. You need the right people doing the right work at the right time. We can either BE your Marketo & Salesforce team, or augment what you have. We have a deep bench for heavy lifting and so much experience that working with us will ensure you always have exactly what you need when you need it.


Whether you’re looking for high-level revenue reporting or multi-touch, lead-level insights, we can help. We’re proficient in building custom dashboards, database evaluations, and lifecycle reporting. We love to set up systems that showcase how robust a healthy Marketo system can be.

Analytics isn’t magic. But it is math. And math requires an order and a process. And, of course, good numbers. We’ll sort out your data, crunch the numbers and make sure you get the information you need to make good decisions.


Our training program is world class. Without exception, our trainers are our most experienced and skilled consultants. They specialize in launching new Marketo super-users.

We offer on-site or destination-based training programs customized to your needs. Come visit us in Montana or we’ll come to you. Either way, our trainers take the mysteries out of Marketo with proven, best-practice methods.