Leadspace is an end-to-end predictive analytics platform for B2B sales and marketing.

If you’re in B2B marketing or sales, chances are you’re wasting time and money nurturing the wrong leads, emailing people who have no interest in what you have to sell, and making numerous calls until you find relevant prospects.

Why? People “hide” behind generic titles that don’t mean much. Oftentimes, they provide only minimal or even incorrect information in web forms. And, people are regularly on the move, changing jobs and roles.

Leadspace creates an ideal profile by analyzing your existing customers. It then discovers look-alikes by comparing people’s online presence – their social network profiles, conferences they go to, their social graph, and more – to your unique ideal customer profile.

The Leadspace predictive analytics platform combines extensive social, web, intent, and structured data to find and score in real time both companies and individuals who have the greatest intent to buy.

Learn how customers like Eloqua, Marketo, SAS, Jive and Kenshoo use Leadspace to increase conversion rates, boost marketing ROI and drive revenue.