Andrew Hull

President & Founder

Andrew is a veteran of the Software-as-a-Service space. He served in a wide range of positions at RightNow Technologies (acquired by Oracle) overseeing product messaging, campaigns, web properties, marketing automation, events and marketing analytics, driving eight years of continual growth from 16 million to 200+ million dollars in revenue reaching a 1+ billion dollar market capitalization. Andrew holds an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.

He loves the balance of capabilities, flexibility and simplicity the Marketo platform offers. Knowing how difficult this is to achieve he can say with authority that Marketo pulls it off better than anyone.

There’s a reason he’s Elixiter’s Big Cheese: he lives squarely in the world of AND –  “I love being a great husband AND raising three fantastic kids AND providing great careers for my employees in Montana AND serving our clients who want to get the most out of their Marketo investment,” he said.  “AND is just more fun.” Maybe this is a result of his name, ANDrew; maybe it’s because he’s always dreamed big with his eyes wide open.