Gina Morris, Project Manager at Elixiter, Marketo Certified Expert

Gina Morris

Team Lead Project Managers

Gina’s favorite color is purple, which goes a long way with Marketo. She’s also a fantastic client manager with broad technology, website management and sales experience. One of her favorite things about consulting in Marketo is taking on the technical heavy lifting so marketing teams she supports can focus on the “important stuff” like messaging, persona development, events and proving marketing’s impact as a revenue source.

A Montana native, she set out to see what the world had to offer. Equipped with her backpack and camera she traveled around the globe for a year capturing the landscapes on film. After landing on every continent, she decided she liked Montana best and came home to stay. Though, she makes a point to jet-set at least once a year. She’s always game to try something new, like learning to play the office ukulele for birthday celebrations and her latest, glass cutting.