Justin Bartels, Sales Representative at Elixiter, Marketo and Salesforce Certified Expert Consultant

Justin Bartels

Sales Representative

Justin has holstered up as our Han Solo of Sales. He is fast-paced and breaks down complex problems with humor and, when necessary, brute force. He moves fluidly between operating our internal technologies to ranting about abstract demand gen strategy – often with coffee in hand.

He loves how Marketo enhances the innate talent and skill of marketers. With a background in economics, he has always gravitated towards data-driven decisions and insights that uncover what is working and what isn’t. “Marketo separates the wheat from the chaff,” he likes to say, giving away his mid-western roots.

Justin is also an improv artist and stand-up comic. Everyone loves his smart sense of humor. If you asked him to tell you a bit about himself, he would probably reply with “Try my hotdish and you will know all you need to know about me.” Hotdish, huh?