Kenzie Caldwell, Data Team Lead at Elixiter, Marketo and Salesforce Certified Expert

Kenzie Caldwell

Team Lead Data

Kenzie is a true data geek. You can see the light in her eyes brighten when there’s big data involved; the same light that fires up when you ask her random Star Wars trivia. Her experience includes database management, analytics and reporting in the non-profit world as well as customer service and sales in the public sector. Committed to finding answers in the numbers, her greatest satisfaction comes with she can say, “I know why.” She won’t quit until she can answer that way.

Originally from Great Falls, Montana,  she graduated from MSU with a B.S. in management and entrepreneurship. Her daughter, born on Feb 29, has circumnavigated the sun 4 times, and is just now turning 1. We think Kenzie planned that.