Mitchell Schafhauser, Engagement Expert at Elixiter, Marketo Certified Consultant

Mitchell Schafhauser

Engagement Expert

Born in the alps of Switzerland, Mitchell has always had a calling for the mountains. He fulfilled that desire when he left Minnesota to attend college at MSU.  There, he graduated early with a B.S. in Economics and minor in Finance. Elixiter’s infectious passion for knowledge and subject mastery are just a few of the traits that drew him in. The son of a professional hockey player, it’s easy to see how an undying pursuit for success and a team-player mentality make Mitchell a prime fit for this intellectual juggernaut.

Mitchell thrives on the ever-evolving ecosystem of the MarTech industry, and the way Elixiter serves as a lynch-pin between Marketo and a spider web of innovative clients.

When in doubt, you can usually find Mitchell on his paddleboard, brainstorming his next adventure. His well-stamped passport is testament to a love for exotic locations. Most recently, a week long surfing trip to Costa Rica.