Morgan Hausauer, VP Client Enablement at Elixiter, Marketo Consultant

Morgan Hausauer

Vice President Technical Services & Employee Development

Morgan is a skilled marketing project leader with technical expertise in design and architecture. She oversees the delivery of high-value projects for Elixiter’s clients. She studied at Montana State University and holds a bachelor of science in marketing and management .

Morgan enjoys working in Marketo because of its ability to provide a 30,000-foot view, from a centralized location through all marketing activities, on what is working and what is not. With this information, marketing executives can make more informed choices on their marketing investments and deliver marketing revenue attribution.

Considering her appreciation for the 30,000-foot view, it’s no surprise that she also loves to travel. Her adventure-lust has taken her over oceans to explore other continents and over mountain passes to the small towns and back-woods cabins that make Montana such a great place to live.

Morgan was recently named one of Gallatin County’s Top 20 Under 40.