Stephanie Hanson, Engagement Expert at Elixiter, Marketo Certified Consultant

Stephanie Hanson

Team Lead Engagement

A Montana native and graduate of Montana State University, Stephanie has branded herself as a multi-dimensional force of creativity and boasts a collection of marketing, strategic planning and implementation, branding, design, and project management experience.

Stephanie is excited to foster her creativity and solid business acumen to integrate clients’ marketing and technology needs while acting as a catalyst for empowering them to create experiences and efficiencies that drive engagement and deliver results.

Stephanie is not one to shy away from the uproarious, challenging, and remarkable moments that make up life and is usually conquering these moments accompanied by her two furbabies, a glass of Malbec, and a bag of chocolate covered cinnamon bears.  When Stephanie is not working with the talented team at Elixiter, she can be found pondering how much is too much coffee and if indeed it is too early for a glass of wine, musing over her travels to Africa, finding inspiration for her next adventure, and gigglesnorting at everything and sometimes nothing.