Tara Petre, Strategist at Elixiter, Marketo Certified Solutions Architect

Tara Petre


Tara is a pro when it comes to applying marketing tactics within Marketo to establish continuity in branding and public awareness. Her fluency in RTP has helped multiple clients achieve impressive success with Marketo’s personalization tools. She’s a tech stack wizard, having integrated many third-party solutions with Marketo and lives to report on the results. She holds a B.S. in marketing and management from MSU.

She likes Marketo as a creative platform and takes advantage of the flexibility to customize solutions. She’s one of those Marketo user that anticipates new product releases. If you don’t believe us, look in the Marketing Nation.

When not immersed in Marketo’s architecture, Tara can be found making the most of a beautiful Bozeman day often with a fly rod in hand. She’s also been known to follow clients’ pet’s on Instagram. Her enthusiasm for the canine cannot be underestimated.