Tom Kochevar, Sales Associate at Elixiter, Marketo Certified Expert Consultant

Tom Kochevar

Sales Associate

Originally drawn to Bozeman by his love for the outdoors, Tom has explored a variety of industries, from field medicine to software production, largely specializing in customer service. Naturally, he has found a fit with the driven, adventurous group that walks through Elixiter’s doors every day. Tom earned his B.S. in Business from Montana State University.

Tom appreciates the opportunities Marketo provides for clients who know how to utilize the many tools at their disposal or who are willing to find the help they need. He is strongly motivated by successful completion of a project, especially when his work can brighten a client’s day.

When he’s not in the office, Tom will most likely be found climbing, running, skiing, fishing, or simply daydreaming about Montana and the beauty it has to offer. He’s an inherently happy guy, but living in Bozeman makes him all the happier.