Tyler Johnson, Project Manager Team Lead at Elixiter

Tyler Johnson

Project Manager Team Lead

Tyler is a project manager with a focused eye for getting work done—smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. He’s honed his operations and management skills in a variety of business environments, including a full-service advertising agency, a print production firm, and even a winery! Everywhere he goes, Tyler has built new processes, optimized teams’ workflows, and helped deliver high-quality work to his customers and collaborators.

He loves working with the positive, focused, and capable team at Elixiter to design, build, and deliver marketing automation solutions for our customers all over the world. Marketo makes it so easy for teams to make a big impact, quickly—one of Tyler’s favorite things to do.

Tyler has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business from Colorado State University with a focus in Marketing. Outside of work and study, he enjoys biking, skiing, and fishing. He is thrilled to be back in the Rockies, spending time outdoors in Montana’s vast wilderness with his wife and dog.